MLD Salon Soho Pro Tips: How to Maintain Your Keratin Treatment

After spending so many hours in the hairdresser's chair and seeing the miraculous results, I wanted to do everything I could to maintain my blowout. Here's what I learned:

    •    Your shampoo habits determine how long your treatment will last. Yes, everyone knows you must use sulfate-free shampoos on keratin-treated hair. But the frequency of your shampooing also affects your hair. The treatment washes out of your hair, so the less you wash, the longer it will last. In Winter, Adrian and his team suggest washing just once a week.

    •    Color and keratin go together — if you do them in that order. By applying color immediately before keratin, you're priming your hair shafts to absorb the keratin solution, meaning the color and the keratin should last longer.

    •    Dry shampoo is good, but baby powder is even better. If you're not washing your hair as frequently, you'll probably be turning to something to perk it up. While the team at Rita Hazan loves dry shampoo, they think a bit of baby powder and a well-positioned hair dryer do the job better and more naturally.

    •    Beachy waves are pretty, but don't get them the natural way. Salt is the enemy of the keratin treatment, so you'll want to keep your hair out of salty ocean water. Keep it covered with a hat or scarf while you're lounging on the beach so the ocean spray doesn't get to it either. And as soon as you leave the beach, wash your hair to remove any spray that may have hit your strands.

    •    If you have extremely frizzy hair, wait to wash it. Yes, one of the benefits of the Brazilian Blowout is that you can wash it that same day, but waiting a few days — especially if you have really frizzy hair — can help extend the treatment's life.

    •    Treat your hair gingerly. For as good and healthy as your hair looks after a keratin treatment, it's important to remember how much it has been through to get there. Your hair is delicate and more likely to break in its weakened state. Adrian and his team likened it to fish skin in terms of its delicacy. Keep your hair dry as much as possible. Do not use clips or rubber bands on wet hair. Use boar-bristle brushes on wet hair, rather than ceramic-barreled brushes that tend to overheat the strands.

    •    Use the system created by your keratin treatment provider. Products are designed to work as a system to maintain the treatment. While other sulfate-free products will do the job, the ones that are made by the company that created your treatment will work best.

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